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Can You Beat the Tyranny of the Urgent?

We all face the Tyranny of the Urgent, but as a business owner, if you can’t find a way to beat it then you’re going to end up in a bad situation, unable to grow, exhausted and ultimately killing your business. What is the Tyranny of the Urgent? It’s a concept that minister / author […]

Busy? Are you out of control?

It seems like everywhere you look, anyone you might talk to, people are busy. And not just kind of busy, but crazy busy. Busy to the point that they are feeling exhausted. Busy to the point that they are miserable, neglecting things that make them happy or make them feel good (longer walks, the time […]

What are you going to stop?

One of the biggest challenges of owning your own business is trying to fit everything in (Who needs sleep?).  On a typical day you’ll probably spend a few hours dealing with current customers, a few hours trying to land new customers and a good chunk of your time managing your employees and worrying about money.  […]

Is your Delegate-O-Meter working properly?

We have all been there at one time or another, the “To-do list” looks more like a novel than a manageable list of activities to complete before week’s end. Suddenly your Friday spills over into Saturday, and then Sunday. Monday morning has you fighting to catch your breath and the week is just getting started. […]

3 ways to do more from The Power of Less

Business (and the world in general) is getting more and more complicated all the time.  It often feels like it’s too much and we all want to hide someplace clean and quiet.  From a practical standpoint, if you want to get more done you need to start thinking about doing less.  It’s not as counter-intuitive […]

It’s time to start saying ‘No’ more often!

  photo by I had a crazy week this past week, a lot of late nights and not enough downtime…but it’s my fault due to poor planning.  It was the cumulative pile-up of too many things going on at once, all of them important, but not necessarily urgent (other than I had piled up […]