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Do You Assume Good Intent?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone doesn’t return a phone call or email?  When you’re stood up for a business meeting with a prospect, where does your mind go?  A good friend is a no-show for a lunch you planned, what’s your reaction? If your response to all these situations leans […]

The Power of Listening

You probably have heard the saying, “You were born with two ears and one mouth for a reason”.  Presumably, the tone in how it’s been delivered has varied with the circumstances and your age 😉, but the meaning was always the same; You need to listen more and talk less!  The original quote is credited […]

5 Key Business Lessons from a Non-Profit Event

     This past Sunday a young non-profit, Hear 2 help held its biggest event to date. Hear 2 help is a non-profit established in 2017 to help fund the expense of hearing aids and other amplification equipment for kids who may otherwise go without.  The fundraising event was the culmination of over 9 months […]

How Do I Keep My Employees From Running Over Me?

There was a great question posted recently in a Facebook group that’s driven a lot of good discussion.  The gist of the question is how to handle employees who are basically running wild – without coming down on them with a lot of rules and oversight.  Here are some more details from the question: “…as […]

You Don’t Want to be THAT Business Owner…

It’s likely that you’ve met them before. It’s almost certain that you’ve passed by them on the street or at a chamber meeting and didn’t realize it. I’m talking about the overwhelmed, stressed out, I-can’t-imagine-this-can-ever-get-better business owner. They have an air of quiet desperation and they are foolishly hoping for that one big deal that […]

Are you Drafting Your Fantasy Business Team?

In the last week, approximately 40 Million Americans drafted their Fantasy Football Teams.  The craze has grown into an industry with annual spending revenue projected to approach $1.7 billion this year by the Fantasy Sports Trade Assoc. I think it is safe to say this idea was a hit! What if you could draft a […]