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Flying or falling? Is your business taking off?

It takes a lot to get a business started – getting it off the ground is a big deal.  But the challenge doesn’t end there.  Businesses fail a lot early (50% in the first 4 years) but they generally don’t fail because it’s a bad business, but rather because keeping it going is too hard…too […]

20 Traits that lead to a business train wreck!

Everyone starts their business with the intent to win…unfortunately many a well intentioned business owner gets derailed along the way and it all comes crashing down.  Sometimes the best way to succeed in the long run is to identify the issues…what’s driving you towards a potential train wreck and then focus on fixing those issues […]

Want to get ahead? Remember this!

photo by Simon Peckham I had a great discussion the other day at one of my Peer Group Advisory Boards – we were talking about rolling out a new marketing initiative and that it would be a real challenge. At that point, one of the members used a phrase that summarizes one of the primary […]

What can You learn from Jury Duty?

  photo by Sam Howzit I had the ‘opportunity’ to participate in Jury duty last week.  It was the 3rd time in the last 10 months that I had been called, but the first one that actually went to selection.  If you haven’t gone through the process before, you receive a notice in the mail […]

I guarantee you’ll get something out of reading this!

We all love buying something with a great guarantee – it takes the risk out of an unproven product, it gives you confidence that the vendor really stands behind their work and it generates a lot of credibility that you are getting what you pay for. Guarantees are a great thing…for the buyer, but not […]

What are the 5 steps to the Big Picture?

photo by Never Cool In School There’s a lot going on with business owners these days – you’ve got the everyday challenges of just running your own business, you’ve got an economy that’s in the tank (and media outlets doing everything they can to make that as scary as possible) and you’ve got an election […]