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Business Strategies for Your Cinderella Story… (Take 2)

With NCAA tournaments in full swing, albeit a little unconventionally this year, the probability of the unexpected is still guaranteed to happen.  The wild card this year is the ability for teams to stay healthy.  Lose one or two key players and all of a sudden Cinderella arrives ready to dance.  The real question is; […]

Opportunities and The Solar Eclipse

“It’s good to be lucky”.  That has to be what at least 14 state’s bureaus of tourism have to be thinking about the economic impact the Great American Eclipse is having in their states. The 2017 Total Eclipse may be the biggest cross country boost for tourism that a natural phenomenon has ever created.  It’s […]

We live in ‘Interesting Times’…now what?

  There’s a famous sentiment that’s attributed to being an ancient Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” According to wikipedia that’s followed up by the lesser known but equally chilling: “May you come to the attention of those in authority.” and “May you find what you are looking for”.  It’s always been challenging […]

Another secret to success? Start learning!

Are you keeping up?  Are you consistently learning new things and being exposed to new ideas?  If not – then your long term business success is definitely at risk! The world, especially the business world, continues to change at a pace that accelerates every single day.  Think about all the stuff that’s now critical to […]

An Opportunity to Stand Out

  photo by jeffsmallwood If you do much networking, then you’ll quickly realize that everyone starts to blend in…which does absolutely nothing for you.  Garet King – a branch manager at CoreFirst Bank here in Kansas City shared the following article with me that does a great job of addressing this situation – take it […]