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It’s So Fluffy!!! 3 Inspirational Things!

      It’s so Fluffy!!!!  from Despicable Me Do you ever get that feeling that you’re just beaten down…that it’s too hot and nothing really matters?   There are times (especially after you make the mistake of watching the news) when it seems there’s nothing out there but bad things, people struggling and an endless parade of […]

Can you sell like Rumpelstiltskin?

I had a chance to check out Shrek Forever After this afternoon and one of the scenes that caught my attention was the sales process between RumpelStiltskin and Shrek (see picture above, courtesy of Dreamworks) Rumpelstiltskin, if you’re not familiar is a magical dealmaker who specializes in granting wishes…with unfortunate consequences and lots of fine […]

Have you been validated lately?

Once again proving that it pays to spend some time on Twitter (at a bare minimum to see what people you know are up to and to pick up cool things they find interesting) – here’s a great video that I found very inspiring! It’s a short film (16 minutes) entitled Validation and I think […]

Save Ferris – Lessons learned from a Day Off

I’ve been on a kick lately to collect older movies – movies that I remember as influential or just entertaining from ‘formative’ years (which probably are still going on now that I think about it). Some of them have held up better than others (I watched the director’s cut of The Warriors recently and I […]