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A Framework for changing…

I hope you don’t ever have this discussion, but imagine the situation where you are sitting down with your doctor after a bunch of tests and he gravely informs you that unless you make some drastic changes to your lifestyle (diet, exercise, stop smoking) that your heart is going to give out in the next […]

Do You Treat Your Business Like the Average Gym Membership?

I ran across an interesting article on gym memberships.  According to this report 80% of those who join don’t make it past the 5th month.  So an individual may have neglected their body for years, but 5 months (or less) is the allotted time they committed to getting into better shape before throwing in the […]

The End is Near – 4 Tasks to Complete Now!

Prefer to listen to the article? Hit the play button below – and leave us a comment on the blog to tell us what you thought.   Every year the Holiday seasons tends to start earlier.   Though it is getting spread over a longer period, the month of December still seems to stretch our schedules […]

Slow and Steady

Tell me which of these scenarios is more likely: Small business gets a call out of the blue and is offered a huge distribution deal – instantly growing their top line (assuming they can deliver) by 10X what it was before. Small business focuses on getting the little things right, gets a little better every […]

Where are you when it comes to Effort vs. Success?

Every now and then it’s a good idea to take a step back from your day to day focus and take a look at where you are in terms of the success you’re trying to achieve. For business owners, the definition of Success is very personal, but usually it’s going to be measured by how […]

What’s Impossible to you?

We all have blind spots – self limiting beliefs that hold us back from trying things. We all believe things are impossible – but it turns out we may be wrong… It’s likely you’ve never heard of Cliff Young. He was an Australian. He was a potato farmer and rancher for most of his life. […]