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Where’s the bottleneck in your business?

  photo by icatus When you’re talking about overall business effectiveness, the first thing you have to figure out is where the bottleneck is within your business (side note – it’s really challenging to find a good picture to represent a bottleneck). Of course the bottleneck is the constriction / constraint in terms of your […]

10 Ways to Take Control of your Marketing

  photo by x-ray delta one Does your marketing suck?  Wouldn’t you like to strap on your mind control helmet and make your target market sit up and listen to all the great things you could do for them? There are times when marketing feels like black magic…or maybe rocket science, but the reality is […]

Another look at Drive – cool presentation!

A few weeks ago I wrote about Daniel Pink’s new book Drive, which is all about the science behind what motivates people and how the business world (and the educational world) aren’t keeping up with that science and using motivational techniques that really don’t work very well anymore. Well I stumbled across the perfect primer […]

What Pillars are holding you back?

  picture by NCinDC  I’m a big fan of models or metaphors as a way to discuss complicated ideas.  Anytime you can give someone a visual representation for a complex idea you’re a lot more likely to get your point across. One model that I stole ran across recently is called the 8 Pillars of […]