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Serious Insights from a Toy Company

photo by LaserGuided As a business owner, there are all sorts of places where you can pick up great information.  This week if you were lucky enough to be at the Principal Connections monthly networking event – you would have picked up some great business tips from Jonathan Freiden and Seth Freiden – brothers and […]

How to dominate with Business Development

     photo by I’m Fantastic – quote from Conan the Barbarian Crushing your enemies might be a bit strong, maybe you don’t think about your business ‘Dominating’ in your industry – but you should be thinking about how you will be the premier provider of whatever it is that you do.  If you’re thinking more […]

Finding your Mission and Core Values

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the danger of chasing rainbows and the importance of recognizing that your business is a tool to help you get what you want out of life. I have a couple of different clients that are working on what they really want out of life, who they are, […]