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Stop Doing Everything and Get More Done

There’s a secret to success that doesn’t get a lot of discussion around entrepreneurs. Doing less. Check out your favorite online guru, thought leader, or growth expert and you’ll likely hear a lot about the importance of ‘hustle’, effort, or hard work. And not without good reason – it takes a lot of work to […]

Are you Firefighting more than 10% of your time?

I recently talked to a business owner who’s done a great job growing their business. They’ve gone from 50 employees to almost 350 in just a few years…! But they are coming up to a common inflection point in terms of growing a business – a point where they have to purposely address how they […]

More engagement? Replacing Managers with Coaches?

As a business owner, do you ever feel like you’re treading water? Or worse, actually losing ground? Some of that might be due to challenges in the marketplace, but more than likely it’s an impact of not having the right people on your team… or to put it another way, not having a team that’s […]

What does it take to Lead an Engaged Team?

Leadership is hard. Most would agree that the single biggest key to succeeding in business is having a great team… and a great team starts with leadership, but after that it gets fuzzy. What does it really take to be a great leader? Is it being charismatic and communicating well (and frequently)? Is it being […]

The Fearless Guide to Entrepreneurship: How to Build a Business That Can’t Be Tamed

This is a guest post from Jill Goodwin (see bio below) – Thanks Jill…! “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”—Anais Nin Fearless leadership is something most people can look up to. Whether it’s the warriors venerated in our history books or scientists who push the limits of human understanding, men and women […]

Be a Better Leader with the Crucial Influence Model

The idea of leadership gets bogged down with lots of shiny trappings. There’s a tendency to focus on charisma, big ideas, communication skills, or how someone looks or dresses. And all of those things have an impact, but the reality is that great leadership is all about influence. The ability to change and direct behaviors […]