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5 Ways Your Business Can Fall Off the Cliff

As a business owner do you ever feel like you’re struggling to hang on by your fingernails?  Most of us have been there at one time or another – in fact it turns out there are some predictable reasons why you might be at risk for having your business fall off the cliff. If you […]

20 Traits that lead to a business train wreck!

Everyone starts their business with the intent to win…unfortunately many a well intentioned business owner gets derailed along the way and it all comes crashing down.  Sometimes the best way to succeed in the long run is to identify the issues…what’s driving you towards a potential train wreck and then focus on fixing those issues […]

Devastation of Joplin Missouri

  photo by el clinto Tornados are scary…you may go years without being anywhere near one…but if you do happen to get caught in one I can only imagine how helpless you’d feel.  The devastation caused by the tornado in Joplin is hard to imagine…I’m sure you’ve seen many of the pictures. My thoughts and […]

Have you seen the Scary side of Social Media?

   photo by scragz Social media gets lots of hype – some of it’s even justified!  There are more than 400 Million users on Facebook (and they’re spending more time on there than ever before).  Businesses are rapidly jumping on board and starting to figure out how to participate and you can’t swing a cat […]