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5 Inbound Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

This is a guest post from Navdeep Singh (see bio at the end). In digital marketing, the concept of Inbound marketing has gained immense importance when it comes to boosting your online presence. When you post your content in the digital world, that would be one of the most critical aspects you would be utilizing […]

5 Reasons why your marketing isn’t working

There’s no doubt that growing your business is an uphill battle.  It’s a challenging economy and the rules have changed for marketing and sales.  Gone are the days when you could just run an ad somewhere and expect your phone to ring.  Effective marketing (and sales) today is a much different game than it was […]

Pull and Stay? Are you UnMarketing?

In his book ‘UnMarketing’ author Scott Stratten talks about a lot of things.  He talks a lot about twitter, about the essence of what marketing is today (versus 10 or 20 years ago), about the the criticality of engagement and a lot of interesting stories and anecdotes from his personal experiences. It’s all good stuff, […]

Is Enchantment a Competitive Advantage?

The holy grail of business is coming up with a competitive advantage that can’t be reasonably matched by your competitors.  If you can pull it off, you essentially don’t have competitors.  When you think of creating competitive advantage, you typically think of innovation, maybe technology, barriers of entry of some sort, maybe even some sort […]

How to get their attention…so you can sell

  photo by Jesse757 It can be really hard to get someone’s attention.  From a business perspective, there are people walking around you right now who have money and could theoretically spend it on your product or service.  If you could get their attention – you might be able to sell them something. The problem […]