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Is a goal challenging you? Kaizen it!

As we race towards the end of another year, hopefully your business (and personal life) have been able to celebrate a number of goals reached throughout the year.  This is a time of year when conversations get a little more strategic as we look forward and reflective in terms of what has and has not […]

What are you putting off for tomorrow?

Even extremely successful business owners have issues they don’t want to deal with – they think  “I’ll do it tomorrow”, and tomorrow is the day that never comes.  Some things just fall into that category of ‘I need to put this off’. Do you ever find yourself sliding important issues you really don’t want to […]

Stuck on a goal? Try this!

Can you believe New Year’s Eve is almost here?  We are closing in on 2012 very quickly and It’s that time of year when everyone starts reviewing the goals they had for 2011 and thinking about 2012 goals. The approach and complexity of this process is all over the board. From the dreamers who repeat […]

The Secret to Business Growth – Break on through!

Business growth can feel really challenging – you figure a few things out, you achieve some success and now you’ve got even bigger obstacles in front of you! In fact one of the biggest mistakes made is when people talk about a growth curve. What does your growth curve look like?  If it’s not flat, then it’s […]