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Are you in ‘Survival’ Mode?

Picture this – a business owner who’s working 10 to 12 hour days and at least 6 to 8 hours on the weekend. There’s a massive pile of stuff on their desk that needs attention. Employees drop in or call every so often with a new issue. Which is better than when customers call in […]

Do you have a blind spot driving your business issues?

“It isn’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble, it’s what we know that ain’t so.”      – Will Rogers I’m pretty sure we all carry around head trash – things that we believe that aren’t actually true. Of course since we believe it, it never crosses our mind that it might not be […]

What’s Impossible to you?

We all have blind spots – self limiting beliefs that hold us back from trying things. We all believe things are impossible – but it turns out we may be wrong… It’s likely you’ve never heard of Cliff Young. He was an Australian. He was a potato farmer and rancher for most of his life. […]

Is Stress Killing your business?

We live in Interesting Times…a breeding ground for stress – especially for small business owners.  Indecision in the marketplace.  Indecision in the political arena.  Will you make payroll?  Getting your pricing right.  Keeping the pipeline full.  Catching up on a huge list of critical stuff to do. All very stressful…and that stress has a lot […]

Are you a Slave to your business?

  photo by remuz It didn’t start out this way.  When you first started your business you had a dream, it was exciting…maybe even fun!  Sure there was a lot of hard work, but you can still remember the thrill of your first clients, cashing your first check and the quiet satisfaction of delivering on […]

Discover the power of a Growth mindset

What if there were a fundamental but simple shift that you could make that would inspire you, allow you to do more than you ever thought possible and drive you to long term success?  There is such a thing, but you might think that it sounds too basic to really make a difference. Have you […]