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Want your business to perform 259% better?

How would you like your business to perform 259% better than your competitors?  What if there was one thing (albeit a major thing) that you, as a business owner, could do that would create this huge competitive advantage?  Would you do it? Surprisingly, you probably wouldn’t.  Most business owners don’t view this approach as a […]

Fly the whole mess into the sea?

How important is it to keep a positive perspective?  It’s a popular topic on the self-help and self-development circuit as one of the keys to long-term happiness (or at least contentment).  There have also been a lot of scientific studies – in this article on the benefits of positive thinking from the Mayo Clinic or this […]

51% of Employees are very, very sad!

  photo by hacky There are a bunch of unhappy people out there.  And the really scary part of that equation is that most of them are your employees (well maybe not your employees, but someone’s employees). Several recent studies have shown that over 50% of employees are unhappy with their job and would consider […]

Does positive thinking really help results?

  photo by  As a business owner, you always have choices on how you run your business.  It’s not unusual to see a taskmaster chewing out their employees and running a tight ship.  You will also find those businesses that are run with encouragement and a high degree of compassion. The cynics out there […]