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Is your business an All-Star?

On Tuesday evening, July 10th, 2012, baseball fans around the world will watch the annual Midsummer Classic – the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. With Kansas City as the host city this year, it’s a tremendous time for people all across the entire region to stand a little taller, show your pride, and take ownership […]

Plants vs. Zombies – Lessons for your business…!

I’m a big fan of games…and who doesn’t enjoy Zombies?  Well Popcap Games has combined the two into their latest time sink in a game called Plants Vs. Zombies, an addictive, very funny and challenging game – “Get Ready to soil your Plants”! What can Plants and Zombies teach you about running a better business?  […]

What can Craps teach you about Business?

©2004 Martin Ouellet It’s been a while since I’ve been to Vegas, but one of the things I really enjoy there is the game of craps.  It’s a fast moving game that the players and the crowd get excited about.  You can win (and lose) a lot of money very quickly, but if you play […]