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Lighten up Francis! (to make your point…)

  photo by akk_rus There’s no doubt we live in serious times.  The economy is awful, millions out of work…more bad things going on than you can shake a stick at.  And business is generally a very serious topic as well – try reading a book on lean manufacturing, business strategy or leadership and see […]

5 Ways to take a quick fun break this winter!

We’re at that time of year when the winter blah really sets in (I’m sure February is the longest month of the year!).  We’ve at least had a couple of days that weren’t gray, but it’s certainly been looking more like Seattle then Kansas City. It’s cold outside – so here are 5 diversions on […]

Save Ferris – Lessons learned from a Day Off

I’ve been on a kick lately to collect older movies – movies that I remember as influential or just entertaining from ‘formative’ years (which probably are still going on now that I think about it). Some of them have held up better than others (I watched the director’s cut of The Warriors recently and I […]

When you’re on the net…very funny stuff!

So you know that a trend is becoming mainstream when people start making fun of it and doing spoof Broadway musicals about it.   Social Media is certainly ripe for satire and the clip below does a great (and very funny) job of bringing out the really silly things people do.  It’s very well done! Check […]