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How to Navigate Divorce in Your Family Business

This is a guest post from Jori Hamilton (see bio at the end) – a difficult topic, but one that’s worth thinking about for a lot of business owners. Divorce is sure to change your life on many fronts, especially if you own a family business with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. A family business is difficult […]

Wealth Building? Check out Every Family’s Business…

As a business owner, are you in business to create wealth or are you trying to create some kind of family legacy? Far too many businesses, especially family businesses get bogged down with the idea that their business MUST span generations and be a legacy for younger generations. The reality is that very few businesses […]

Winning Advice – Hire Quality People

“Hire Quality People” It was on a piece of paper, given to me by a dealer mentor when I bought my dealership in 1997. A handwritten recipe with 5 areas I should master to have a successful business. In fact, the entire hand written document only contained about 200 words. There was no fluff, just […]

Serious Insights from a Toy Company

photo by LaserGuided As a business owner, there are all sorts of places where you can pick up great information.  This week if you were lucky enough to be at the Principal Connections monthly networking event – you would have picked up some great business tips from Jonathan Freiden and Seth Freiden – brothers and […]