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Time for the ‘Big Gun’ of sales success?

Want to know a secret?  There’s one thing you can do that will dramatically increase your sales success…think of it as the ‘Big Gun of Selling’!  Now this isn’t a stand alone silver bullet – when you’re trying to grow your business and increase your sales, there are a lot of things you need to […]

Ready for a fresh start in 2012? Try this!

If you’re like a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs that I’ve talked to recently…you’re feeling pretty tired.  One guy described it as feeling stretched thin.  Worn out, dragging, physically and mentally drained…and all for good reasons!  Let’s face it, for most of us the last 2…maybe even 3 years have been challenging in many […]

Can an Elephant teach you about change?

  photo by 9-lives Imagine a large elephant and a relatively small rider, making their way through the jungle.  Now imagine the elephant sees something they’re interested in and heads that direction…at that point, the rider is literally carried away, even if that’s not where they wanted to go! That’s a key premise in Switch […]

Can a smile help you grow your business?

  Pam from The Office There’s an important aspect of marketing that often gets overlooked.  The tendency is to think about marketing as advertising or branding, but marketing is also all about the little things.  Marketing is every interaction that you (and your employees) have with your customers and prospective customers.  Are they greeted with […]

How to become most excellent–via Aristotle

  photo by Cameron Cassan Sometimes the whole ‘wisdom’ thing is overblown – do a search on quotes and you’ll find more deep thoughts than you can shake a stick at, but sometimes those pithy ideas really have something to say!  I ran across this quote the other day and I was struck with how […]