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Starting or growing – it’s all about the runway

Cartoon by Tom Fishburne This week various groups and organizations around Kansas City are kicking off Kansas City Entrepreneurship Week (there’s a Global week is in November).  The activities are part of the growing initiative to make Kansas City the nation’s most entrepreneurial city (part of the Big 5 initiatives announced by the Kansas City […]

What would you do with the extra time?

Being a business owner often feels like being in a race…only it’s a race that never ends and it seems like you have to keep running harder just to keep up as you go! The one thing that most business owners fantasize about, maybe even more than having more money, is having more time!  Think […]

Is your business leaving a wake?

What’s your engine like – you know, the engine on your business? When you have an engine on your business – a big engine, one that can really crank up the RPMs, you are going to make some noise…and you’re going to create a wake! With your engine really cranked up, there’s no telling how […]