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What’s Your ‘Thing’?

These days it’s easier than it’s ever been to start a business. It can be a full time thing or just something on the side. People are starting businesses as a ‘Side Hustle‘ and making real money with almost no investment and very little risk. If that intrigues you, here’s a comprehensive article full of […]

Are people talking about your business?

  Business owners, especially those with smaller businesses, will tell you that one of the main ways they get new customers is through word-of-mouth. However, very few of those same business owners actually do anything to purposely generate word-of-mouth.  They’re just happy if it happens. Think about some of  your own experiences or maybe businesses […]

What’s your Special Sauce?

This past week we took the kids on a college visit trip to check out some places they were interested in. This trip happened to be to the state of Indiana where we checked out Purdue and Indiana University. As we do with most of our family trips, we took some extra time to see […]