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How am I supposed to do that?

The other day I was reminded of a great (and very simple) negotiating technique that can work in a lot of different scenarios. I (and the person who reminded me) had first seen this idea in the book ‘Never Split The Difference’ by Chris Voss. Voss had picked it up as part of his experience […]

A Leader’s Guide: Diagnosing Negotiations Skills Deficiency in Sales

      This is a guest post from Mike Milich – founder of SwiftNegotia and the guy you want to know if you’re doing any serious (big dollar) negotiations.  Mike was generous enough to share the following post – and it’s a great way to quickly diagnose if there’s a lack of skills problem […]

Looking for a fresh business idea – try Groupon!

photo by lepiaf.geo The continuing evolution of the internet has changed a lot of things – how people communicate (Facebook, Twitter), how they establish expertise (blogging, answering questions, wikis) and how business is done (online presence is mandatory now). What’s really exciting is that social media and the internet has generated a lot of cool […]