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Want your business to perform 259% better?

How would you like your business to perform 259% better than your competitors?  What if there was one thing (albeit a major thing) that you, as a business owner, could do that would create this huge competitive advantage?  Would you do it? Surprisingly, you probably wouldn’t.  Most business owners don’t view this approach as a […]

Another look at Drive – cool presentation!

A few weeks ago I wrote about Daniel Pink’s new book Drive, which is all about the science behind what motivates people and how the business world (and the educational world) aren’t keeping up with that science and using motivational techniques that really don’t work very well anymore. Well I stumbled across the perfect primer […]

An updated look at Social Media NOW!

  photo by *yasuhiro The internet continually offers up all sorts of cool things – some of them are just entertaining (like the picture above) but a lot of them are world class educational resources, tools and ideas that most of us wouldn’t have seen 10 or even 5 years ago. If you’d like to […]

What motivates you? A book review of Drive

Why do you do what you do? What motivates you (or your employees…) to work really hard, come up with great new ideas, do the hard work of leading, planning, making things happen? The traditional business school answer is that you’re motivated by money and / or the fear of getting fired.  If you want […]