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Is consistency a superpower?

We spend a lot of time looking at success (and failure) – trying to figure out what it is that makes some business owners succeed when others struggle. There are lots of reasons and sometimes it’s as simple as someone being in the right place at the right time with the right idea. It’s a […]

Got a problem? I-D-S it…!

Every business has issues.   There are issues when business is good and there are issues when business is bad.   The reality is all businesses have issues (even yours).   It’s the ability to effectively solve those issues that often separates one business from another.  But how does one effectively and efficiently solve issues? There has to […]

3 ways to do more from The Power of Less

Business (and the world in general) is getting more and more complicated all the time.  It often feels like it’s too much and we all want to hide someplace clean and quiet.  From a practical standpoint, if you want to get more done you need to start thinking about doing less.  It’s not as counter-intuitive […]

Stuck on a goal? Try this!

Can you believe New Year’s Eve is almost here?  We are closing in on 2012 very quickly and It’s that time of year when everyone starts reviewing the goals they had for 2011 and thinking about 2012 goals. The approach and complexity of this process is all over the board. From the dreamers who repeat […]

Who Needs Sleep? 8 things to watch out for.

“My hands are locked up tight in fistsMy mind is racing, filled with listsof things to do and things I’ve doneAnother sleepless night’s begun”. Who Needs Sleep – The Bare Naked Ladies It’s tough to be a business owner and you will have more than your fair share of stress and sleepless nights.  Whether you’re […]

8 reasons why your marketing doesn’t work

   photo by azrainman Marketing is the lifeblood of any business – without marketing that works, you’re left wondering where everyone went, with the crickets chirping in the background. I’ve said it before – whatever business you’re in, you are also in the business of marketing, or you won’t be in business for long – […]