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Signs it’s Time for Your Business to Change and How to Keep Your Customers Informed

This is a guest post from Jori Hamilton (see her bio at the end) – thanks Jori. The longer you stay in business, the more change you will encounter. Change comes when your company grows, and as wonderful as that growth is, being unprepared for the changes that come with it can quickly shut down […]

Business Lesson from a Poinsettia

They’re everywhere this time of year, Poinsettias. Their red leaves are a primary color of the Holiday Season.  But, have you ever wondered what makes a normally green leaf turn red? And how can professional poinsettia growers get them to bloom anytime of the year, when the average person struggles to just keep them healthy […]

How do you motivate change? 5 ideas that will help

Prefer to listen? Click below to hear an audio version of this week’s blog post:   Have you ever tried to roll out a change at work and didn’t get much of a response? Quick example – a client decided it was critical that his team started actively tracking their time, at least at a high […]