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How to Get Your Customers Back As You Reopen in the New Normal

This is a guest post from Naomi Johnson (see her info at the end of the article) – we hope you enjoy it. After months in lockdown, there is truly no stopping restrictions from easing up at this point. However, the reality is that COVID-19 is still a threat, so it’s far from business as […]

Do you have Fall Back strategies for your business?

Every business needs strategies in place to “fall back” on for the unexpected.  No company is 100% insulated from unexpected challenges that interrupt the normal operations of owning or managing a business…even yours. This past weekend was the annual “catch up on all the sleep you lost over the last year in one hour event” […]

Is your business getting better?

I really don’t like going to see the doctor.  It’s irrational, it’s fear-based (although I can’t pinpoint it to anything specific) and in the grand scheme of things, I know it’s not good for me. But that doesn’t change the fact that I will fight going to see a doctor at every turn.  I’m working […]

Are you Halfway…but don’t feel Halfway there?

It’s hard to believe we are nearly halfway through the calendar year.  But the calendar doesn’t lie, 12 o’clock noon, July 2, the official halfway mark, is less than 30 days away.    Though the halfway point on a calendar has no wiggle room, luckily halfway in business (and in life) can have a variety of […]

Starting or growing – it’s all about the runway

Cartoon by Tom Fishburne This week various groups and organizations around Kansas City are kicking off Kansas City Entrepreneurship Week (there’s a Global week is in November).  The activities are part of the growing initiative to make Kansas City the nation’s most entrepreneurial city (part of the Big 5 initiatives announced by the Kansas City […]

How to dominate with Business Development

     photo by I’m Fantastic – quote from Conan the Barbarian Crushing your enemies might be a bit strong, maybe you don’t think about your business ‘Dominating’ in your industry – but you should be thinking about how you will be the premier provider of whatever it is that you do.  If you’re thinking more […]