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How do you think about your business?

I’ve had great discussions with a few different clients lately…they are seeing a huge shift with the results in their business.  Both in terms of how much they’re making (more) and how much they’re working (less than they used to). There are some specific reasons why they’re seeing improvements – some of it’s related to […]

Are you a Hero, Headliner or Builder?

Entrepreneurs and business owners come in all shapes and sizes…they have different backgrounds, different aspirations and they work in all sorts of industries and spaces. Despite all of those differences, they really start to look similar when it comes to how they act and think.  Simplistically business owners come in 1 of 3 different types…and […]

Are you a Slave to your business?

  photo by remuz It didn’t start out this way.  When you first started your business you had a dream, it was exciting…maybe even fun!  Sure there was a lot of hard work, but you can still remember the thrill of your first clients, cashing your first check and the quiet satisfaction of delivering on […]

Are you doing the right things?

  photo by looseends Do the right things and be patient. That is easier said than done. As most of us are painfully aware following the Kansas City Royals has been one of the most challenging tests of perseverance and patience in the history of professional sports. The 2011 season is young, but it appears […]

Where’s the bottleneck in your business?

  photo by icatus When you’re talking about overall business effectiveness, the first thing you have to figure out is where the bottleneck is within your business (side note – it’s really challenging to find a good picture to represent a bottleneck). Of course the bottleneck is the constriction / constraint in terms of your […]

In control? What are your numbers?

photo by sean rogers1 You have to love the clarity and power of numbers. Now that school’s started up again, homework is ramping up as well and my wife and I had a great ‘tutoring’ session with my daughter on her math homework.  My daughter was struggling with one of the concepts and wanted to […]