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5 Great Reasons why a business blog is smart

Dolphins are really smart – if you haven’t had a chance to check out the new show Life from the Discovery Channel you’re missing out.  There was a recent episode that did a segment on dolphins who lived in a really shallow area in the ocean.  The dolphins would purposely stir up mud in a […]

To Blog or Not to Blog – that’s the question

                   comic from I had a great discussion this morning with an entrepreneur that’s still in the start-up phase for her new business.  We talked about what her approach is, how she’s going to be different than the competition and ultimately where she wants to go with her business. She’s in a very conservative […]

A splash of color – 4 Blogs that are email worthy!

I’ve been really busy the last few months (which is a great problem to have these days), but it’s been challenging to keep up with all of the great stuff that’s out on the internet. I pick up a lot of ideas for articles and blog posts from Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) when I […]