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The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Workers’ Compensation

This is a guest post from Mike Khorev (see bio at the end) – Thanks Mike. Efficient business leaders go the extra mile when motivating their teams. They praise, recognize, and provide a sense of security. That was the message by Peter Rossi in the article: Ways to Boost Employee Motivation. This post is all […]

Employee Education Supporting Small Business Growth

This is a guest post from Jori Hamilton (see bio at the end of the post). Thanks for the interesting ideas Jori…! Starting a small business is an ambitious endeavor. You likely have goals in mind, and you may have set out plans for your company’s ongoing growth as a key part of your business […]

Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working!

photo by kennymatic Marketing for small business owners has gotten a lot harder in the last 20 years.  Way back when, if you wanted to generate some sales, you could pull together an ad, let people know what you were selling and you stood a good chance of selling more stuff.  These days there’s way […]