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Can this business be saved…?

Recently I was reviewing the spending habits of a business as the business was attempting to borrow more money. If you have borrowed (or tried to borrow money) in the last few years, you already know how challenging this has become. To get to the point, this company’s spending seems to be out of control […]

5 Reasons why being a Hero is killing your business

Are you a hero in your business?  Are you out there applying your super heroic selling skills, delivery abilities or micromanagement ‘gifts’ in order for your business to thrive (or survive)? Do you take special pride in your ability to fight the fires and the chaos that surrounds your day to day operations?  Are you […]

10 Great Ways to Sink your business!

  photo by rs-foto  Not everyone wants to build a business that will grow.  There are people that absolutely love to work really long hours, prefer doing things the hard way and have no plans to ever sell their business or leave it in any shape for anyone else. There are business owners that enjoy […]