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Technology in Business… are you leveraging it?

Technology in Business. It’s moving fast, but are you keeping up? Your business success might depend on it. In 1989 Compaq introduced one of the first laptops in the USA.  It had 640 kB of RAM and a 20 MB hard drive.  It sold for approx. $2,500 ($4,900 in 2019 dollars) I know because I […]

How do you create sustainable growth?

There is an almost magical component to sustainable business growth, but it’s not obvious and most business owners are missing it!  The key word there is sustainable – you can have growth without this component, but it won’t be easy. When you think of business growth…what comes to mind? Great marketing?   Really effective sales?  New […]

There’s a System for that…

(Image from the famous Candy Factory episode of I Love Lucy – Lucy’s system didn’t work so well in this case…) The now ubiquitous tagline “There’s an App for that” gained so much traction for Apple they filed to trademark it in Dec. of 2009. If you have an I-phone, Droid, or tablet PC you […]

Are you building a Marketing Machine?

Any small business owner who wants to grow their business and eventually free themselves up from the day to day grind is going to have to solve a few things. You’re going to have to learn how to market your products and services effectively.  I’m differentiating marketing from sales as the activities and efforts that […]

Give me a lever long enough…

Undoubtedly you’re familiar with Archimedes famous quote: “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” If you’ve studied any physics, then you know Archimedes is talking about the concept of leverage, which essentially means that through the proper use of tools you can […]

What would you do with the extra time?

  photo by dimnikolov Being a business owner often feels like being in a race…only it’s a race that never ends and it seems like you have to keep running harder just to keep up as you go! The one thing that most business owners fantasize about, maybe even more than having more money, is […]