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Leadership and Succession – Know Thyself

This past week a business I have some affiliations with announced a change of ownership. A new President/Owner is taking the reins and leading the organization into the future. It was not an overnight knee jerk decision by the previous owner; in fact it had been months in the making. It was quietly done for […]

I can’t hear you! (Try this;)

Photo by Striatic Have you ever felt like you just can’t get through to some people?  That the line of communication just isn’t working?  It’s frustrating on a personal level, but it can be a killer when it comes to small business success! Of course the best time to work on a potential issue is […]

Is your business at a dead end?

Photo by azrainman It’s not necessary to change.  Survival is not mandatory!   – W. Edwards Deming If you’re not actively marketing your business, you’re at a dead end!  Even if you’re doing a bit of marketing here and there, if you don’t have an online presence…if people can’t find you online – you’re at a […]