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What you believe matters… a lot!

We all use various filters as a way to process what goes on in our worlds.  These filters are based on core beliefs and usually they are applied subconsciously, without us evening noticing.  And although it sounds like a really subtle, small thing – it turns out those beliefs and filters can have a huge […]

Great Habit – Build on Thanksgiving!

It’s hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving – for me at least, 2011 has gone by in a blur (…time flies when you’re having fun?)!  Thanksgiving is always a great reminder to take a little time for yourself and think about what you’re grateful for.  Even better – use the time for reflection […]

25 Great pieces of Advice for Start-ups

From the Kauffman Foundation’s Sketchbook – Three Things! This week we are celebrating the 3rd annual Global Entrepreneurship Week, started by our hometown Kauffman Foundation.  With all the focus on generating great ideas and starting up businesses, I wanted to pass along some great advice from business owners and entrepreneurs who made their jump in […]

Want to struggle with your business? Here’s how!

   photo by Net Efekt  Imagine that all of the money, influence and power in your world is a pie (apple in this case).  Now imagine hundreds…no thousands…of people in your industry, your geographic space, your niche of business all vying for their piece of that pie!  There is no way there’s enough pie to […]