Aspiring Business Builder Mastermind Series

Business Growth doesn’t happen by accident

You can grow…with confidence – Aspiring Business Builder Mastermind group will help you get there.1498775

Success and consistently hitting your goals is a tough thing to do, which is why we’ve created the Aspiring Business Builder Series! We’ve blended the best elements of Peer Group Advisory Boards, workshops and 1 – 1 Coaching to create a powerful hybrid option that builds on effective proven and tested business strategies. The result is a practical program for any business leader wanting to strengthen their company. You will experience the powerful synergies of a peer group and the personal focus of 1 -1 coaching. And, it is 100% guaranteed.



What are you doing to grow…smarter!

Confident Business Owner

As a business leader, you are constantly fighting all kinds of battles to make things work…and that’s just to keep things on an even keel.  Finding the right ways to get your business to grow is a whole different proposition.  First, you need to understand what’s holding you back, then you have to know the best way to move forward, and finally…and most important of all, you have to take action!

That’s where Aspire’s Aspiring Business Builder Mastermind Series comes in: Learn best practices and talk about how they apply to your business in a group setting that will spark new ideas and give you a different perspective.

Get the accountability and focus you need to implement those changes with the additional 1 on 1 coaching every month.




It’s the best of both worlds.

Why the Aspiring Business Builder Mastermind Series?

  • An 8-month program covering the key areas of your business.
  • 3 Hours each month of a unique blend of Professional Group Workshops and Peer Group Mastermind
  • All Training Materials. 
  • Increased knowledge, confidence, and impact to grow profits, your team, and free up your time.
  • 6 Business Owners plus a strategic Certified Professional Business Coach
  • 100% money back guarantee.

When do you meet?

Group meetings are monthly at the Aspire offices, day/time to be determined – 11095 Lowell, Ste 400, Overland Park.

Optional individual meetings will be at a mutually agreed time between each group meeting.

How do you qualify?

Space is limited to 6 business leaders (owners or key leaders) with employees and the best candidates are those leaders who are willing to engage and share with others in the program. Additionally you will need to be able to commit to attend most of the meetings. This is an exclusive program, with only one company per industry allowed.  

What’s Covered?

Aspiring Business Builder Series Sessions Include Topics Like…  

  • How to Stop Being Owned by your company:
    • What a CEO should and should not do.
  • How to Build a strong executive team:
    • Why you can’t succeed without one; How to lead your leaders.
  • Getting Every Brain in the Game:
    • How to engage your team and build a strong corporate culture.
  • People Problems:
    • The biggest waste of time and money for every small business.
  • Put your Payroll on a diet:
    • There’s way too much waste in payroll; this section focuses why it happens; what to do about it; and why it benefits everyone.
  • Finding and filling Profits Holes:
    • Most small businesses waste more money each year than they profit!  Here’s how you can double your profits…really!

What’s the Cost / Investment?

If you’re a business owner with 5 employees or more and you’re ready to make the right things happen with your business…if you’re ready to invest in Business Growth, then this is the program for you.

This is an 8-month program and the cost is $350 per month for Group Sessions only or $595 per month for the Group Sessions PLUS an individual 1 on 1 session each month.  Get the support, the direction, the ideas and the focus you need to grow as a leader in business.  You will get a minimum of 2X to 3X times the return on your investment to your bottom line.  We are so confident you will get more value than the cost of the program that we offer a full money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the Aspiring Business Builder Mastermind Series.

Now accepting applications.  Contact us today at 913.660.9400 or use our Contact Form to request your seat in the next Aspiring Business Builder Mastermind Series –  Groups are Forming Now!