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Business Networking: Why should you connect?

Networking is all about making connections and connections are the key to business.  There’s a saying, the golden rule of networking, that’s been around a long time that really sums this up nicely:

All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.

It seems simplistic, but if you look at your own buying habits, how often does this rule play out?  Have you ever chosen one store over another just because you like the people that work there more?  Now think about how that might apply to people doing business with you?  You don’t need to be everyone’s best friend, but you do need to provide value, be genuine and let people know, like and trust you.

Business Networking: Why connecting makes a difference?

Author and Speaker Charlie “Tremendous” Jones has been motivating people for over 40 years.  One of his best quotes gets to the heart of why you should always be trying to connect:

The only difference between where you are right now, and where you’ll be next year at this same time, are the people you meet and the books you read.
–   Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

Networking and making connections can be extremely beneficial to your business, but the indirect benefit is the potential for personal growth and opportunity that meeting and really getting to know other people can give you.  If you’ve ever felt like you were stagnating, then you know what a dreary, hopeless feeling that can be.  Make it a priority to connect with new people and the people around you and you’ll start seeing opportunities everywhere.

Business Networking:  What’s the number 1 strategy for making a good connection?

You know the feeling, you go to a networking event and you’re feeling the pressure to meet a great contact.  Sales have been slow and this is your chance to get in front of some great prospects.  You’ve got great stories lined up, you’ve got funny customer anecdotes that show off your product – you are ready to be interesting, the life of the party.

You are also ready to annoy a lot of people, burn some bridges and make a name for yourself as ‘that’ person that others want to avoid.

Networking is not about selling, it’s about connecting and taking a longer term view of helping others.  The number one way to connect with others is to be interested, not interesting.  When you really listen to someone, ask the right questions and show genuine interest – you lay down the foundation for you to know, like and trust each other.  That’s connecting.
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