Chris Cakes – Restaurant Review, Business Review

A lot of people around Kansas City have heard of Chris Cakes, they’ve been doing catering, special events and fund raisers for a long, long time and they are very popular.  They specialize in pancake breakfasts – usually tossing them to the customers with a lot of fun banter. In what I thought was an […]

Could you Reinvent Yourself?

I’m not a big St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan, but as the National League team in my home state and relatives (including my son) that are fans I have at least a passing interest in the team. *side note – one of my favorite baseball memories is witnessing the 1985 World Series as a college Freshman […]

What are your REAL Goals?

I did a great goal exercise the other day with one of my networking groups.  This is one of those things that can help you shake up your perceptions and might help you see things a little more clearly. If you want to play along at home, take a piece of paper and draw out […]

Breaking Through

Paper will spontaneously combust at 451 degrees Farenheit (  Water will boil and turn to steam at 212 degrees Farenheit. Why the science facts?  I received an interesting newsletter today from Simple Truths – an online retailer specializing in inspirational books, movies and stuff.  I’m not normally a big fan of those kinds of things […]

Assessments and Hiring

I’m back from vacation.  We had a great time, but anytime you’re 24×7 with a couple of 8 year olds (our kids), it’s anything but relaxing.  We did see a lot of great scenery (Rocky Mountain National Park) and I got at least a few good pictures and the kids had fun, so all in […]

Vacation, all I ever wanted

Columbia-River-Gorge-1 Originally uploaded by WSK_2005 Vacation – had to get away. Sure I’m dating myself with the Go-Gos, but it is a really catchy song. If you couldn’t tell, I’m leavin’ (on a jet plane) for Colorado for a week with the family. We’re spending a couple of days in Denver and the rest of […]