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Seductive Interactions: a tech take

Today I’d like to share a guest post by SusanaB, Chief UI Consultant for FluidUI.  Her world is all about developing better interactions and her post is an interesting perspective on how a UX designer takes into account how people think and work. Susana does some cool stuff – here’s a quick rundown from her: […]

Leadership…is it in you?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, there are plenty of days you don’t feel much like a leader, but as a business owner, that’s a major part of your job description, a huge driver for success…or failure. Are you focused on being a great leader? Leadership is needed in all kinds of places, it’s not just […]

Are you balancing all of your hats?

  photo by striatic One of my favorite guiding principles / quotes is: “All things in moderation, including moderation.” (attributed to Mark Twain, but I can’t verify that). This idea is one that keeps you centered – balanced across all of the different aspects of your life.  Let’s face it, as a business owner you […]

Are you measuring what’s really important?

  photo by aussiegall There’s a popular business saying that “What gets measured gets done” – it’s attributed to Peter Drucker, Tom Peters and other business management experts. On the surface, it’s a common sense kind of statement – obviously if you aren’t measuring specific results, you can’t manage the outcome…picture playing a fast-paced basketball […]

The complete list of small business challenges…

  photo by Paul Kehrer Running a business is a uphill climb, even in the best of times (although the views from the top make it worthwhile).  Regardless of the kind of business you have and how far along you are in that business – there’s some kind of challenge facing you.  It could be […]

Have you been thinking about your Why?

   photo by Brian Hillegas It’s cool when you get to learn new things! I sent out a challenge the other day for one of the Peer Group Advisory Boards that I run.  I’m looking for the members of the group to go a bit deeper and get into an issue that they’re struggling with […]