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Servant Leadership 101…How do you lead?

45 years ago, the phrase “Servant Leadership” was first coined by Robert Greenleaf. Since then there have been a number of business books written about this type of leadership and what it means.  Today, the topic of leadership in general is hotter than ever. We’re all looking for better answers.  And although, servant leadership isn’t […]

The Traveling Entrepreneur – what it’s cracked up to be…

I’m excited to share a great post from Stephen Heiner – he’s got a great entrepreneurial story (well several of them in fact) and he’s living his dream right now in Paris as a traveling entrepreneur – check out his great advice below.   Shawn Kinkade   Kansas City Business Coach Dream job.  Work anywhere.  Your […]

Are your employees being targeted?

What’s the risk of being really successful? I had a great discussion with a local business the other day and it turns out that one of those risks is that other companies in your industry start aggressively targeting your employees in the hope of ‘stealing’ your magic. In this particular case, the business is a […]

Are You Ready for Global Entrepreneurship Week?

In case you didn’t know it, it’s Global Entrepreneurship Week…a chance to celebrate and learn about new business and business growth. Question:  What does a “lighting company”, a “pet focused drug company”, and a “large double-hooked plastic handle” all have in common? Answer:  They are all successful businesses started by Kansas City based entrepreneurs.   The […]

What are the 4 Truths of Great Customer Service?

Great customer service isn’t as simple as just being nice to everyone (although that’s not a bad start). Commerce Bancorp (not the one here in Kansas City, the one founded out in New Jersey) was established by Vernon Hill in 1973 and went from 1 branch to 470 branches by 2008.  Even more importantly, they […]

Seductive Interactions: a tech take

Today I’d like to share a guest post by SusanaB, Chief UI Consultant for FluidUI.  Her world is all about developing better interactions and her post is an interesting perspective on how a UX designer takes into account how people think and work. Susana does some cool stuff – here’s a quick rundown from her: […]