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Discover 2 Cloud tools that will rock your Biz!

The Cloud…it’s everywhere!  You can’t walk down the street, check your twitter feed or shop (at Amazon) without hearing about the Cloud!  The Cloud of course is cloud based computing…basically it’s the ability to do stuff online without knowing the physical location of where all that computing magic is happening. Cloud capabilities can include services […]

How do you remember all of your stuff?

  photo by exfordy I like to keep track of stuff – notes I take during a meeting, ideas that come up at odd times and get thrown onto a post-it note, a cool website I run across, powerful images I could use for blog posts, interesting videos or a important emails.  Historically I haven’t […]

Check out 3 new surprising sites for your business!

I continue to be surprised with some of the cool applications and sites that pop up… a lot of free stuff and generally pretty innovative!  From a business standpoint, free may not be the best way to go, but I think the developers are in a tough situation.  If you want people to find your […]

2 Desktop Tools that can help you get stuff done

  photo by flattop341  When your hard drive goes up in smoke you likely will end up losing some data, but you will also need to re-install all of those tools that you use to get stuff done.  The basics – Word, Excel, etc. are pretty straightforward, but if you’re like me, you’ve probably collected […]

What do you do when Old Reliable goes up in smoke?

There are some things that you take for granted, sequels are almost never as good as the original, Stephen Colbert is funny and when you hit the power button your computer is supposed to turn on, not give you the dreaded Blue Screen of Death…! Unfortunately the unthinkable happened to me and it’s been a […]

A Delicious addition to Web Browsing

  photo by shoothead  One of the fun things about the internet are all of the unusual (and sometimes clever) names that companies have developed for their products.  Some are fairly obvious (like YouTube or LinkedIn), some just sound interesting (like Squidoo or Gumshoo).  Somewhere in the middle is Delicious (originally a Social Bookmarking […]