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How to put some Spring into Your Business

If you want to improve you must be willing to change.  It is a stark reality of life that every day you are either getting better or getting worse.   The same is true in business, it is either improving or it’s slipping.  There is no such thing as maintaining status quo – in business it […]

Do You Measure Twice and Cut Once?

Prefer to listen to this post? Hit the play button below:   One of the more difficult tasks our clients encounter is how to accurately measure the impact of a change in their business.  Change is hard, measuring and quantifying the full impact of those changes can be even more challenging. The first quarter is […]

What’s the best thing you can do NOW to make next year great?

Want to listen to this article? Click on the start button right below this – and then let us know what you think by leaving a comment!   It’s hard to believe, but we’re almost half way through the 4th quarter, fall is in the air and baseball is unfortunately behind us (great season by […]

Is your business worth $1 Million?

It’s a question for the ages: “If you sold your business today what would it be worth?“. Chances are the number you have in your head and the number a buyer is willing to pay are not the same. And you can ask the Magic 8 Ball all you want, but that’s not going to […]

Is it time to Put Yourself out of a Job?

As you focus your planning for the upcoming year, instead of focusing on growth, perhaps you should consider a different kind of goal to go after…putting yourself out of a job! If you’ve ever considered selling your business, any business broker or potential buyer will tell you that the thing they look for the most […]

Strategic Planning – How Far Can You See?

Business success is driven by identifying where you want to go and figuring out how to get there step by step. How far can you see with your business? When was the last time you took out a few hours and really looked at where your business was headed…versus where you wanted it to go? […]