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How the FBI Can Help You Sell More Effectively…

When it comes to closing a sale, what you ultimately want to hear is ‘yes’.  But the reality is that the road to getting to that ‘yes’ isn’t a straight line. In fact, if you focus your efforts and push for that ‘yes’ from the outset of your sales process, you’re not going to get […]

Is your sales team helping or hurting your business? Are you sure?

Without sales a business doesn’t survive. And right or wrong, the Sales division always seems to be where businesses look first when the numbers are not in line with projections. The reality is the reason for poor sales could be any number of issues from poor marketing, the actual product, manufacturing lead times, the economy, and […]

What do you look for in a great Sales Rep?

I talk to business owners pretty much every day and the one thing that I hear more than any other is how difficult it can be to find great sales reps. Sales is the heart (or at least the ignition) of the business and a good salesperson can have a huge impact on success…but where […]

Herrera-Davis-Holland….The power of an “H-D-H” in your business

Click the play button if you’d prefer to listen to this blog post – and don’t forget to leave us a comment below! It is the last week of October and the Royals are still capturing the hearts of the baseball world.  It would almost seem sacrilegious to not pull another nugget from this team […]

Winning Advice – #2 Acquiring Customers

Acquire Customers was number 2 of 5 on the recipe for business success given to me by a dealer mentor when I first purchased my dealership in 1997.   It was second in importance behind “Hire Quality People” on a 200 word, handwritten blueprint, drafted by this senior peer.   Although his dealership’s track record for growth, market […]

The best thing you can do to make your sales team better…

Sales management may be one of the hardest things a business owner has to do. Managing a sales person (or a sales team) successfully can be a real challenge. If you’re too loose about it, then you’ve abdicated your primary revenue stream and you’re left hoping that things work out. If you manage it too […]