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Is your Business due for some Fall Cleaning? Here are 3 Suggestions

Good bye Summer, the first official day of Fall has arrived, another year is flying by.  Soon the leaves will be falling.  Just as leaves need to be raked (or mulched) so you can see what they are hiding, you can benefit by applying this same principle to your business as well. (Think of it […]

Where could your business use an Auto-Flush?

We are often asked where inspiration comes from for our blog posts…this one should be self-explanatory. 😉    Reducing unnecessary distractions continues to be one of the most significant opportunities for improving our client’s productivity at work and in their personal time.   Imagine having an Auto-Flush for these unwanted distractions…! What would be the top […]

Slow and Steady

Tell me which of these scenarios is more likely: Small business gets a call out of the blue and is offered a huge distribution deal – instantly growing their top line (assuming they can deliver) by 10X what it was before. Small business focuses on getting the little things right, gets a little better every […]

6 Simple Questions to help you Manage Priorities

We all have tasks, to-do’s, duties, and responsibilities that fill our daily schedule.  If you own or manage a business, that daily list can be long before you start and multiply without blinking by mid-day.   Effectively managing it is not always easy, but there is a better way.  Read below for 6 simple questions you […]

3 ways to Spring Your Business Forward

Did you feel it this past Sunday morning at 2AM, that magical moment where we spontaneously transport ourselves one hour into the future, yet nothing else around us has changed?   It may be the closest thing we have to time travel; even it is only an hour. Who knows, maybe that was George Vernon Hudson’s […]

Got Snow? How about a Productivity Plan?

If you were in the Kansas City metro area on Feb. 21, 2013, you now know what snow falling at 3 inches (+) per hour looks like.   If your business requires using any mode of transportation you also know what snow at that rate does to the expression “Business as Usual”. Businesses that regularly rely […]