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Are you being impacted by Cognitive Disruption? I bet you are…

A survey by Pew this past January revealed that 77% of all Americans have smartphones and 92% of all Americans under age 35 have smartphones.   Those percentages would only climb if you added “employed/working ” to the demographic surveyed.  The bottom line is nearly every one of your employees has a smartphone and they are […]

Discipline Equals Freedom – A Winning Equation

It’s one of those counterintuitive ideas that when you first think about it might not make sense. Discipline equals Freedom.  It’s one of the key principles for success highlighted in the fantastic leadership book ‘Extreme Ownership’ written by a couple of Navy SEALs last year. But it’s not a new idea. Aristotle said it this […]

Want to win? Play to Your Strength?

I’ve been talking to a lot of clients and business owners about where they stand when it comes to Effort vs. Success in their business…and a lot of them are working really hard and not seeing nearly as much success as they’d like to see. There are a lot of possible reasons for this: Broken […]

Increase your odds of success…by working less

The world has permanently shrunk itself now that we are all connected 24/7.  But the reality is you can’t be on all the time. Even the energizer bunny’s batteries eventually run out.   Traditionally we have thought of the weekend as our downtime, but even there, flexible work schedules and home offices have shifted much of the […]

Vacation: Relaxation or Recreation?

With summer vacation mode still running at warp speed, we wanted to share a few thoughts on how to make the most of your time away from your business. If you have already logged your annual summer excursion and are now sorting through the 500 digital photos you took, read on and let us know […]

Is there a better way to get things done?

People are busy these days…and most business owners are crazy busy to the point where it’s not a surprise to miss out on family, friends or things they would just enjoy doing. There’s a desperate need to be more productive, more efficient with time, to get more done. What if being more productive, more efficient […]