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Three areas to Spring Clean in your business…no brooms

photo by Elizabeth Albert via Flickr It only takes a couple warm days to get a serious case of Spring fever and if you live in the Midwest you got a good taste of it over the last few days.   The birds are chirping, the air smells different, and even though old man winter probably […]

5 Ways to become a more Creative Leader

Have you ever had one of those afternoons where you have back to back meetings with a barely a minute to catch your breath in-between? Have you ever had a full day like that? How about a full week? In my experience most business owners are very familiar with over packed days – it might […]

3 Ways to Test How Well You Lead

We talk to business owners every day and one of the things we hear most often is that they have a “people problem” and it’s hurting their business…but there are always at least 2 sides to every story.   Although every business is unique, I would challenge that few business really have “people problems”, despite […]

Hate Employee Performance Reviews? You’re in luck…!

There are few things that business owners and managers hate more than employee performance reviews. With the exception of a very few companies that do it right, the process is generally considered to be a huge waste of time by employees and managers alike while generating a lot of ill will. However there are good […]

Has your business ever been tested?

Photo by Mark Heffington via Flickr Integrity, character, honesty, core values; virtually every business expert on the planet can give you their dissertation on why one or all of these are critical for long-term business success. When questioned, most business owners will typically respond that these are principles that guide their company.   Equally, most employees […]

What’s the most important trait for business leaders?

I had a great discussion the other day in one of my Peer Group Advisory Boards. The question for the group was – ‘What’s the most important trait for a successful business leader?’. A great case was made for Honesty and I wouldn’t say it’s a wrong answer – if I can’t trust you I’m […]