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Is it time to get off the Business treadmill?

Have you ever felt like you’re on a treadmill when it comes to your business? Maybe your results aren’t where you want them to be, so you’ve vowed that you’re going to bear down and work even harder!  You’re already working 60+ hours, but you can surely find a few more hours here or there and your commitment to […]

What You Need to See as a Business Owner

  As a business owner your job is to see more than everybody else.  It’s a tough job, it requires some special skills and attributes and it will take you some time to get good at it…but if you’re not seeing things, then you (and all of your employees) are flying blind and almost guaranteed […]

2013 Goals…Are Your Goals in Alignment?

It is the New Year.   The time of year we hear more about Bucket Lists, Goals, Resolutions, and Self-Improvement than any other time of the year.   And rightly so, studies have shown for sustained long term success, the execution of goals is one of the single most important steps one must master.  What better time […]

How do you think about your business?

I’ve had great discussions with a few different clients lately…they are seeing a huge shift with the results in their business.  Both in terms of how much they’re making (more) and how much they’re working (less than they used to). There are some specific reasons why they’re seeing improvements – some of it’s related to […]

Are you a Hero, Headliner or Builder?

Entrepreneurs and business owners come in all shapes and sizes…they have different backgrounds, different aspirations and they work in all sorts of industries and spaces. Despite all of those differences, they really start to look similar when it comes to how they act and think.  Simplistically business owners come in 1 of 3 different types…and […]

Can this business be saved…?

Recently I was reviewing the spending habits of a business as the business was attempting to borrow more money. If you have borrowed (or tried to borrow money) in the last few years, you already know how challenging this has become. To get to the point, this company’s spending seems to be out of control […]