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Do You Celebrate Success? 5 Ways to Be Royal and Celebrate!

Click below to hear an audio version of this week’s blog post:   On Friday evening, Sept. 26th the Kansas City Royals did something they had not done in 29 years, when they clinched a berth into the MLB post season and the celebration was on.  It was a great moment not only for the […]

Who’s Driving Your Bus (business)?

With most of the schools back in session, the number of buses on our roads has increased significantly; latest estimates have the number at about 500,000 school buses in the U.S.  All those yellow school buses created the opportunity not only for a PSA to be a be aware the buses and 26 million students […]

Winning Advice #5 – (Business) Management

If you don’t understand your business, who will? That’s the question that came with the 5th and final piece of the business advice given by a dealer peer/mentor in 1997.  This one was the bullhorn that screamed the significance on not only working IN the business, but working ON the business. As mentioned in the […]

How do the pros look at Leadership? 11 Principles

Great leadership is critical for business success, but it’s rarely a matter of life and death. Which is why it makes sense to look to the US Armed Forces as an inspiration for leadership ideas – in the Army, not only is leadership the key to long term success…it’s also the driver for survival in enemy territory. With […]

Leaders Need 3 Kinds of Focus

The ability to focus is a critical element for strong, effective leadership.   Historically, we have thought of being focused as simply reducing distractions…concentration.   Now, recent neuroscience research demonstrates it is more than simply concentrating.    There are actually three distinct ways leaders are required to focus.   Without all three of them you are limiting your ability […]

Could this One Belief be holding back your business?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about employees? Hold that thought… There’s a lot that goes into successful business growth – you’ve got to have a great product (or service), you have to have good marketing and sales and you have to do a lot of other things right. But […]