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Leaders Need 3 Kinds of Focus

The ability to focus is a critical element for strong, effective leadership.   Historically, we have thought of being focused as simply reducing distractions…concentration.   Now, recent neuroscience research demonstrates it is more than simply concentrating.    There are actually three distinct ways leaders are required to focus.   Without all three of them you are limiting your ability […]

Could this One Belief be holding back your business?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about employees? Hold that thought… There’s a lot that goes into successful business growth – you’ve got to have a great product (or service), you have to have good marketing and sales and you have to do a lot of other things right. But […]

Three areas to Spring Clean in your business…no brooms

photo by Elizabeth Albert via Flickr It only takes a couple warm days to get a serious case of Spring fever and if you live in the Midwest you got a good taste of it over the last few days.   The birds are chirping, the air smells different, and even though old man winter probably […]

5 Ways to become a more Creative Leader

Have you ever had one of those afternoons where you have back to back meetings with a barely a minute to catch your breath in-between? Have you ever had a full day like that? How about a full week? In my experience most business owners are very familiar with over packed days – it might […]

3 Ways to Test How Well You Lead

We talk to business owners every day and one of the things we hear most often is that they have a “people problem” and it’s hurting their business…but there are always at least 2 sides to every story.   Although every business is unique, I would challenge that few business really have “people problems”, despite […]

Hate Employee Performance Reviews? You’re in luck…!

There are few things that business owners and managers hate more than employee performance reviews. With the exception of a very few companies that do it right, the process is generally considered to be a huge waste of time by employees and managers alike while generating a lot of ill will. However there are good […]