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Tripwires, Van Halen and M&Ms – How to make better decisions

Sometimes the most important decision you need to make is the one that you don’t even realize needs to be made…  We all get stuck in ‘autopilot’ mode at times – we’re busy, things are moving, we’ve got a lot going on, but we’re not really paying attention. It’s human nature to put things off, especially […]

Do you have a Thoroughly Modern Workplace?

It’s likely you’ve never heard of Frederick Winslow Taylor…but it’s almost a certainty that he’s impacted  your business to a large degree. Back in the late 1800’s, Taylor was a pioneer of sorts.  As the son of a wealthy family, he could have done almost anything, but he found himself drawn to working in a factory…starting […]

Tired of pushing that rock uphill? Try this…

I met with a business owner a few weeks ago who was exhausted.  This wasn’t just your common ‘I’ve had a long couple of days and I need some sleep‘ exhausted. This was more like ‘I have been pushing a huge rock uphill for years and I can’t take anymore‘ exhausted. He was burnt out. […]

What Matters Most?

35,000 each day; that is the estimate often given, referencing the number of decisions you make in an average day. It is no wonder we often feel like 24 hours is not near enough time to get everything done that we have on our schedules each day. So how do you decide, “What Matters Most?” […]

Does Your Business have a Circle of Safety?

The Circle of Safety. In his latest book “Leaders Eat Last” Simon Sinek uses this term to describe businesses that thrive because everyone inside the circle looks out for each other.   There is trust inside the circle.  You don’t spend your day looking over your shoulder.  The Circle of Safety wraps around the entire company, […]

7 Foundational Qualities of a Leader? Do you have them?

Some would argue you can narrow leadership down to one or two qualities and everything else is a function of the others.  As the United States prepares for (or endures) another Presidential Election year it is fair to say many of us will be questioning what makes the qualities of a leader pretty regularly over […]