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Why Setting Goals isn’t Enough…

Want to listen to this post? Click on the play button below – and leave us a comment:   With the dawn of every New Year comes renewed optimism and hope.   I have never seen a study to validate this, but the words “This is the year…” could possibly be the four most over used […]

What you’re thinking about is expanding

photo by kalleboo Have you ever had the experience of shopping for a new car, where you finally decide on THE car that you really want to buy.  Let’s say it’s a new Honda sedan…and at that point, you suddenly started noticing all of the Honda sedans on the road – they are everywhere! The […]

The bridge between goals and accomplishments?

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.” – Jim Rohn I had a great discussion the other day with a client  and their frustration with simply not getting enough things done.  This is a pretty common issue for most people – but it especially impacts business owners because they tend to have a wider […]

Revisiting – What are your Real Goals

  photo by Esparta I was revisiting some of my older blog posts and I found one that I felt was really worth while.  The original post is called What are your Real Goals and it covers a powerful exercise that will help you look at what you want to do differently. One of the […]

How do you eat an elephant?

When you’re trying to make big changes, personally or in your business, they can often be overwhelming.  In fact that’s why a lot of New Year’s resolutions fail – they’re too big to tackle all at once (and more than likely there are too many of them). Pamela Slim, who has a great blog at […]

Are you sitting on the next big thing?

I’ve been having a great ongoing discussion with a couple of friends on a business opportunity that one of them is facing.  Over the course of the last 10 years or so, this friend has been doing sales transaction analysis and consulting for small to medium sized companies. What’s really interesting is that he’s uncovered a set […]