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What Do Your Customers Really Think?

We talk to business owners a lot about how their business is doing – and most of the time that conversation centers around revenue or profitability. And while that’s great…your financial metrics are important but they really don’t tell the whole story. It’s possible (and actually fairly common) to have good financial metrics and have […]

Looking for a real Competitive Advantage?

Imagine a business where you clearly have a competitive advantage. You offer something valuable that others in your industry either won’t or can’t offer. Customers who need or want your service can clearly see what you offer is different and they appreciate that difference – they’re willing to pay a premium for it and they’re […]

How’s Your Service? A different kind of car shopping experience…

I suspect I’m not alone in this, but I hate car shopping – in my experience the stereotype of a used car salesman generally runs true, overly slick hard core salesman who is pushing you to buy something that may or may not work out for you. It’s kind of like gambling but with people […]

You’re Marketing in the wrong place

Business owners are drawn to marketing ideas like a moth to a flame. It feels like the one piece they need that will finally complete the puzzle of their business. Great marketing is the holy grail to hungry, struggling businesses.  Most business owners have said something along the lines of: “If I just had some […]

What are the 4 Truths of Great Customer Service?

Great customer service isn’t as simple as just being nice to everyone (although that’s not a bad start). Commerce Bancorp (not the one here in Kansas City, the one founded out in New Jersey) was established by Vernon Hill in 1973 and went from 1 branch to 470 branches by 2008.  Even more importantly, they […]

Does your company ‘Get It’?

Long term business success requires a lot of things done right, but one of the most critical things you can do and fully within your control is to live and breathe great customer service. Why do some companies become an Amazon? Hopefully the following will cause you to reflect. Maybe it will spark an opportunity […]