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How Do I Keep My Employees From Running Over Me?

There was a great question posted recently in a Facebook group that’s driven a lot of good discussion.  The gist of the question is how to handle employees who are basically running wild – without coming down on them with a lot of rules and oversight.  Here are some more details from the question: “…as […]

The Power of Patience

  If you attend a Kansas City Royals game, touring the Royals Hall of Fame is a must, especially if you’ve never been.  Besides seeing the two World Series trophies and all the cool memorabilia, be sure to check out the Royals Dugout Theater.   The theater plays an inspiring video that tells the story of […]

Save the Drama for your Mama…!

Drama is a teamkiller. You expect it (and deal with it reluctantly) from your teenager, but it doesn’t have any place at work (it still happens far too frequently). A client of mine has an employee who thrives on drama.  Arguments, altercations, blame, complaints – anything that will draw attention. You’ve probably seen the type […]

Does Your Business have a Circle of Safety?

The Circle of Safety. In his latest book “Leaders Eat Last” Simon Sinek uses this term to describe businesses that thrive because everyone inside the circle looks out for each other.   There is trust inside the circle.  You don’t spend your day looking over your shoulder.  The Circle of Safety wraps around the entire company, […]

Are you giving your players the Green Light?

The Kansas City Royals are headed to the World Series for the 2nd year in a row!  That’s an amazing accomplishment and it’s even more impressive when you consider that they had a 29 year break from the playoffs prior to that success, including several painful 100 loss seasons. They’ve clearly figured something out – […]

History of Labor Day – Dignity & Respect

If you were to conduct a person on the street survey of what you think about when hear “Labor Day” the most common answers would probably be responses like the end of summer, back-to-school, the start of football season, or time with family and friends.   Those replies are all part of this annual holiday we […]