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Now that’s a great question…

If you’re not asking the right questions, you aren’t going to get the right answers.  In the world of coaching and advising business owners, that is one of the most critical factors in moving a client forward. It isn’t about just asking questions; it is about asking the right questions. The power of a great […]

Need more focus? Try the GROW model…

Prefer to listen to the blog post? Click the Play Button Below:   When’s the last time you felt stuck when it came to resolving a challenge? Every day we’re faced with decisions. Most of them are quick and easy – things that you decide on almost an unconscious level. However we’re also faced with […]

The Power of Accountability

As business coaches, our job is to help business owners develop bigger, better businesses. If you’re actively trying to build your company, then you should be looking for an advisor / coach / mentor to help you. What can a coach help you do? OK, business owners are you ready for some full disclosure?  Measuring […]

What can TF2 teach you about business?

I got into a conversation this morning with a friend of mine about online multiplayer games – he’s a big fan of Halo 3, we both liked Call of Duty 4, but he had never played Team Fortress 2!  (currently the best 1st person multiplayer game out there in my opinion). So that got me […]

Filling the Pipeline…

The Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation (KTEC) has been been around for about 20 years and unfortunately there are a lot of people that haven’t heard about it.  From their website here’s a brief description of what KTEC is: The Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation is a state-owned corporation established to promote advanced technology economic development in […]

Make it a habit

Probably because it’s the new year, but I’ve been seeing a lot of sites and articles focused on the idea that the best way to change is develop new habits. Once you get to the point that you no longer consciously think about something it becomes ingrained into your life.  And if you consciously choose […]