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Want to Succeed and Scale? Simplify…!

I really enjoyed learning physics back in high school and college. You could take a relatively complex situation and predict what would happen – with a few assumptions, some clear laws and principles and some higher end math, you could figure out exactly how far that 10 lb. cannonball would fly out of a cannon…or […]

If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will…

Do you ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day and that you’ve definitely got more to do than you’ll ever be able to get done?  Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you spending time on stuff that’s ultimately not important?  Or maybe on stuff that’s really not important to you, but you’re working […]

The 3 Best Ideas from Great Business Books

3 years ago I started doing a monthly Business Book Review – a fairly simple idea where I take a business book that I think my clients should read and I summarize it for them (about 7 pages or so) and present it as a discussion with slides over breakfast.  The response has been great […]

Books you can read to change your life

This is a guest post from my friend Stephen Heiner, originally posted at Medium – Stephen has the unusual (unique?) situation of having successfully sold one business in Kansas City only to move to Paris, France and start several more. He’s got an interesting perspective and reads more books (and different kinds of books) than […]

Want Better Performance? Try This…Seriously

Most of us are looking for a competitive edge when it comes to business. What would the impact be if you were 10%…20%…even 30% better when it came to crunch time in your business? What kind of impact would it have if you were able to get things done more quickly?  Make fewer errors? Be […]